Tuesday 12 December 2023




So it's official: I'm no longer middle-aged. I'm now on the last leg of my threescore years and ten. And if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow. Which raises the question of what to do with them.

Dedicate myself to good works for the benefit of humanity.

Sit on the sofa watching TV with a big box of pork rinds, living life to its fullest, as per Homer J. Simpson.

Sneak the equivalent of 36 big barrels of gunpowder into the Westminster cellars and raze the edifice of corruption to the ground.

Get my ears pierced.

I might do that last one there.


  1. Many happy returns on reaching the big Six Oh. 🍰

    Getting your ears pierced is probably the most achievable one on that list. Plus, so much more choice too.

    Given the current direction of the government, if you did blow up the building, I'm guessing it would either be rebuilt as the Eye of Sauron or a 'fully opewational battle station'.

    That's assuming the explosion doesn't reveal the hell mouth underneath and we lose the Thames. Still, that's one place to dump the mess the Water Companies aren't processing. Well, at least until we get an environmental complaint from Hell.

    1. Thanks, Lynn :)

      I'll probably take your advice and go with the piercing option. Not least because I'm not very au fait with explosives. And I don't really like pork rinds.

    2. Good luck with the healing process....

      .... and maintaining post healing restraint when faced with such a range of new options 😁