Thursday 30 July 2015

Nottinghamshire Pride 2015.

It was Nottinghamshire Pride last Saturday. “Be Colourful, Noisy and PROUD!!” they said. So I dressed appropriately in a bright red t-shirt (emblazoned with the word “femme”), off-white jeans (advertised as pink on eBay) and a furry coat (despite the sunshine). People complimented me on my coat, as they often do – it is really very furry – but even more so than usual, which was nice :)

There was a strong trans presence this year. Local groups Chameleons and Invasion marched together under a big banner and trans flag (and ran a stall as well). I was further back with Notts Trans Hub.

Confession: it was my first ever Pride march. I've never gone before, as I've never felt Pride was really for me. It's always seemed like a young person's thing, or else a corporate thing – and indeed there were plenty of both in attendance. I even missed Pride 2012, when the (now-defunct) Recreation group ran a dedicated Trans Tent with an impressive array of talent, as I went to see my sister in Manchester instead.

So why did I go to Pride 2015? Partly to march with the Hub; partly because Derek Jacobi (another “pride virgin”) went to his first Pride too this year, away in New York (as a Grand Marshal, with famous relative), and clearly enjoyed himself. So I thought I'd make the effort as well.

And I did enjoy it – the march at least: assembly on Lister Gate and Albert Street, set off slowly up Wheeler Gate and Beastmarket Hill, along Long Row and Pelham Street, round George Street, Old Lenton Street and Broad Street, and stop. There were drums and whistles and banners and rainbow flags and a fire engine. The stage was set up in Lace Market Square; but Pride's idea of entertainment is a bit too "popular" for me (if there are more than three people in the audience, chances are I won't like it), and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by then anyway, so I came home.

Maybe next year. We'll see.

In the meantime, there's some video footage (by Robin from the Hub), uploaded on YouTube.