Sunday 1 October 2023

Gone AWOL.

I've hardly blogged at all this year. Anywhere. Just twice here. Just twice on my chess blog. And I'm three months behind on my buying records blog. I've gone AWOL.

Meanwhile, I see Lynn still blogs every week. Or more. Since 2005. I think her 1000th post was in May. One thousand posts. Respect is due :)

In a recent one, she flagged the following online thingy:

IDR 7 Identities Test

Okay, I've just done that.
The only result I'd question there is Transgender. Hmmm. 76%. I'm not sure I feel quite so trans. But I guess it all depends how you define it.

On the other hand, my Gender Fluid and Genderqueer percentages could certainly be higher. I guess they're held back by my not being as public as I feel. I could always work on that. Try and bump up my scores a bit. Enough perhaps to get a badge or a certificate or something.

Something like this:
With the appropriate warning: “Heteronormative Actions By Holder May Cause Card To Be Revoked.”

So be careful.