Sunday 1 October 2023

Gone AWOL.

I've hardly blogged at all this year. Anywhere. Just twice here. Just twice on my chess blog. And I'm three months behind on my buying records blog. I've gone AWOL.

Meanwhile, I see Lynn still blogs every week. Or more. Since 2005. I think her 1000th post was in May. One thousand posts. Respect is due :)

In a recent one, she flagged the following online thingy:

IDR 7 Identities Test

Okay, I've just done that.
The only result I'd question there is Transgender. Hmmm. 76%. I'm not sure I feel quite so trans. But I guess it all depends how you define it.

On the other hand, my Gender Fluid and Genderqueer percentages could certainly be higher. I guess they're held back by my not being as public as I feel. I could always work on that. Try and bump up my scores a bit. Enough perhaps to get a badge or a certificate or something.

Something like this:
With the appropriate warning: “Heteronormative Actions By Holder May Cause Card To Be Revoked.”

So be careful.


  1. "Hello there" 😉

    So it goes on blogging, I guess. A week becomes a fortnight, then a month, then a quarter, and then, I suppose it can be difficult to break that cycle. I did have some time off this year from blogging - everything was all a bit much. As to actual writing - as in short stories, etc - I don't think I've written anything in nearly eight years. That seems to have just gone pfft. So you are ahead on that front 💜 Not that is a competition. F*** that noise.

    FWIW, your posts are always interesting, even if I don't always comment.

    As to the card, seems legit 😉 Is there a get out clause on the back of either:

    "You don't understand the artistic process"


    "Back off, I'm an artist" 😉

    1. Hello there :)

      I found the card in a drawer the other day btw. From the date on it, it seems likely it was after this came out. But whether C.W. Vrtacek sent them to us direct, or whether we got them some other way, I really can't remember. It was nearly 40 years ago :o

  2. With few exceptions (like Lynn) blogging for most of us ebbs and flows. Nothing wrong with that. We blog to express ourselves and sometimes we have nothing to say. Congrats for posting when you feel like it.

    I wouldn't rely too heavily on a pseudo-scientific diagnostic test like this. Gender is too complex to be captured by it. In fact, real science itself is still confused about gender and trans issues. Trust what you feel and know in your gut. When I was a child six decades ago, I *knew* who I was even though there was NO public discussion of transgenderism, the absence of which didn't negate my true identity.

    1. Yes to all that. And thanks.

      As for the test, I guess you have to know me to know that I didn't mean most of my post too seriously ;)

  3. Today, the BBC announced that a museum, the North Hertfordshire Museum, officially renamed the Roman Emperor Elagabalus as using the pronouns she/her/hers. She is one of the earliest people to be named as a transgender woman by a museum. You can read more by blogging Thank you very much. -- Emily Shorette

    1. Just got round to checking my blog comments and this one had been automatically held back as spam. I've now approved it :)

      Wouldn't say that Elagabalus is history's greatest trans icon, but certainly they seem to have been as queer as fuck.