Sunday 14 May 2023

Skirts and Boots.

So I went to my niece's wedding as planned. Here we both are:
Obviously she wins in the fashion stakes there. And it's very nice to see her looking so happy :)

As for me, it didn't actually take much nerve at all. (I mean, I'm nearly 60; why the fuck am I even still thinking about this shit?!) But reactions were interesting in one (or two) respect(s)...

The women (the younger ones anyway) were all: “Ooo, fabulous skirt, where did you get it?” To answer that: from someone called Linda, who makes “gothic victorian steampunk” gear and flogs it on eBay.

The men en masse said nothing. No antipathy, no funny looks (at least that
I noticed), but no comment. Perhaps it's simply that straight men mostly aren't interested in clothes. They were all, as you'd expect, well turned out in their suits and ties. Maybe they felt quite smart wearing them. Or at least properly attired to accompany straight women in an array of spectacular frocks. But I'd guess the guys would be equally – or more – content to dress less formally.

Apart, that is, from famous relative, who wore a white jacket and trousers and fetching yellow scarf.
And who did comment – approvingly with "You've dressed up for the wedding!"

Well, yes. Yes, I have, Ian :)

I've also started using an eyebrow pencil. If anyone's noticed that, they haven't said anything. Perhaps I know too many straight men.