Sunday 15 April 2012

MaleFemme Reddit.

Yesterday evening, when checking my blog stats (which I do quite regularly), I discovered an influx of visitors from an unknown source. Hmmmm. Unexpected referring urls/sites usually turn out to be spurious and suspect, the source links activating the protection software: "This site has tried to install Trojan (whatever); your computer has not been infected." You learn soon enough never to click on them. But yesterday, for no clear reason, I did and was taken to and this message:

This post is just a placeholder to keep the lights on. Think of it as a pre-launch. I will get a full introduction up Sunday. Right now I just want to give a few links to weblogs I have found useful to read about male femme, and make an open call for ideas from all interested redditors about what they want r/MaleFemme to be.

And the various bloggers in the links comprised Asher Bauer, Andrew O'Neill, femme guy!, and me. Well, goddamn!

So what is Reddit, first of all? From the FAQ: "Reddit is a source for what's new and popular on the web." and "Reddit is made up of hundreds of sub-communities, each focused on a specific topic." Okay, clear enough. And now someone's started a MaleFemme sub-community. Awesome! The founder, who has the username Winterlong, asks (elsewhere) for signal boost:

Hello. I found a lack of groups on the internet specifically for “femme, effeminate, faggy, non-masculine and gender-non-conforming guys and the people who love them”, so I’ve started a group on Reddit. I am trying to publicize the group, and soliciting ideas for what people want it to be. Signing up on Reddit is super anonymous, with even an e-mail address being optional, so it could be a great safe forum for male femmes and similar male people to get support and connect. I would be very thankful if you could mention the group in a blog post.

Yes, I can indeed. The group is at — "a reddit for peer support of male femmes and discussion of the male femme identity. Male femmes of all sexual orientations and cis/trans male genders welcome."

I've signed up (as MFJonathan), along with 77 other readers (so far). I'm looking forward to the conversation with some excitement :)