Saturday 31 December 2022


You keep saying you got something for me. Skirts, check. Tights, check. (What else with skirts?) How about footwear?

I've already mentioned my humming bird boots, once or twice. People seem to like these...
Now I have a new pair of boots. My youngest niece arranged with her multiple siblings to buy me some DMs for Christmas. She'd mentioned DMs before, and later asked my shoe size, so I was more than half expecting them. But not the colour...
Aren't they grand :)

Sod the whole of last year. 2023 is going to kick. Something or someone.

Are you ready, boots? Start walking.


  1. Cute. Your niece is a star. Here's to some stomping good times in 2023. Sue x

  2. Those boots - both sets - are sooo you. Fab out of ten to your niece's choice.

  3. Thanks, Sue. Thanks, Lynn. :)