Sunday 11 December 2022

Skirts. (2)

Yes, most everything is still shit. No change there. However, I've managed to resolve the skirt issue from the previous post. The one where I was “thinking all the time about wearing skirts.”

After pondering and perusing the question, considering the possibilities, weighing them up, sifting them through, looking at them from varied angles and perspectives, I finally hit upon a solution.

Wearing skirts.

Hardly anyone gives a fuck.

“I'd probably have to ask my mate first.”
— Wear what you want.
— Okay :)

Two gigs, two skirts. Two trips into town, two skirts. (I don't get out much.)

(young woman at gig) — “Great skirt.”
(young man at gig) — “I like your skirt.”
(woman in street) — “Nice skirt.”
(woman in shop) — “Love the skirt.”
(man in street) — “Nice, nice.”
(young girl in lift) — “Ha ha ha.”

Bah. What do young girls know about anything anyway?


  1. My first guess on the closing (and rhetorical) question would be 'not much about manners'. 😋

    Good to hear you stepped out and I hope it bolstered your confidence about mixing things up.

    Oh, and wishing you a merry Christmas and very much good luck that things stop being so shite.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. And the same to you, re Christmas and the rest.

      Confidence: I suppose it's that, yes. But it's also as a wrote a couple of posts back: an increasing feeling of “I really couldn't give a shit”. ;)

  2. Skirts are becoming more and more a unisex item, as trousers have become (the vast majority of women wear two-leg items, not skirts or dresses). So many items in shops and catalogues now are listed as "for men/women" or "unisex". Many designers are creating skirts targeted at men or the genderfluid community (I read of one such designer locally in this week's local paper, in fact), to say nothing of the increasing popularity of the kilt and its derivatives. There are increasingly few people who still think of garments as gendered these days, but they are usually freaky types into religious judgmentalism and it's best to ignore them on most matters. If you like your skirts, enjoy wearing them. A lot of people will like your look, too, and I'm glad the feedback you got was in the ratio of 5 + to 1 - . That sounds normal, actually.

    Sue x

    1. Sure thing. Though I'm not really interested in "men's skirts". Well, if they were overtly femme skirts then maybe. Perhaps. Otherwise... unisex skirts, masculine skirts, kilts, cassocks, utilikilts, and all the skirt-like variants from other cultures... No thanks ;)