Saturday 13 April 2024


So not breast cancer then. One harmless lipoma and the rest gynaecomastia. All the same, the circumstance of a non-transitioning, non-medicating, sort of mtf, sort of trans person having “woman” problems of whatever kind does have a certain piquancy. A cosmic joke from the trans goddess if you will.

But more importantly...


Since I had my ears done last December, I've been buying earrings.

These were the first (and most expensive)...
Neometal threadless. Swarovski crystals. They go in from behind the ear, which is tricky. My fastest time is 1:15 (both ears), but I can spend 6 minutes or more when fumbling about.

I have some standard front-loading studs too...
But mostly I'm buying drops...
All 925 sterling silver. An “affordable option”, as they say.

Now I'm thinking about hoops. 9ct gold perhaps and a proper size. Nothing discrete. Femme as fuck or fuck the fuck off.

What do you reckon? :)


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    1. It'll enrage the right wingers - because it's true 😉 - as anyone can develop breast cancer. Yes, it's statistically more likely in women, but it's important for men to check too. Very glad to hear you're okay 🩷

      As to the earnings, they are a fine collection! There's some lovely stands about, so you can see your range. Plus, Etsy have some quirky and beautiful items available.

      As to the hoops, go big or go home 🏳️‍⚧️

      PS: Bonus points if you can find dangly versions with the severed heads of political ne'er-do-wells you dislike 😉

    2. Thanks, Lynn x

      As for display, I have a glass fronted jewellery box with twelve compartments, so plenty of room for more earrings yet.

      Not sure I'd want even an inert Wes Streeting that close to me though ;)

  2. Wow, I'm glad to hear your health scare was nothing more than that. Wishing you all good health in future.

    Fab earrings. I especially love the dragons and the owls.

    I think Lynn's idea about severed-head earrings is very marketable.

    Sue x

    1. Thanks, Sue x

      Dragons, owls, elephants... I'm thinking about bunnies next :)