Monday, 1 February 2021

Lockdown #2

Or is it #3 now? I'm finding it hard to tell. I'm also finding this one much harder than the last.

Again, my life has hardly changed really. I still sit at home at the computer all day. But I'm now doing less and less while sitting there.

I'm still writing a book. Or rather, should be writing a book. I'm doing that less and less too. Early morning walks are out because it's dark, cold, very often wet, and the bunnies are probably all asleep underground anyway. I'm still practising the recorder on and off.

I've bought a few things courtesy of Facebook advertising. None of the stuff in my post. All from the store mentioned in the comments, including (since the link there has gone dead) one of these:

Fabulous. Who knows when I'll get the chance to wear it.

But the main event this time has been taking photos of the River Trent, from Gunthorpe Bridge to Torksey Lock and Littleborough, in various types of light and states of flood. I can't really see what I'm doing; the viewing screen is too small. I just point the camera in the right sort of direction and click. But that's the beauty of digital cameras. You can take as many pictures as you like. Some of them are bound to turn out okay.

Check my Twitter account for an ongoing selection if you want, and if you can bear to scroll through the rest of the junk to find them. They go back to 22nd August 2020. For those who can't be bothered, these are perhaps my four favourites:

Torksey Lock (7th November 2020)

Hazelford Ferry (12th November 2020)

Dunham Lakes (2nd January 2021)

Carlton-on-Trent (18th January 2021)

The third is my current desktop wallpaper :)

But seriously, fuck the Tories.


  1. .... before they f*** you. 😉

    Beautiful photos of the Trent. That last one was quite breathtaking with the water and sky mirroring.

    Yes, Lockdown X (name for a new band? 🙂). It may be the third national one, although perhaps the second for London, but the fourth for some areas.

    I hope you are managing to get out a little. I think that helps.

    I'm a bit frustrated that Chams is currently offline* due to the venue's Lockdown plans. I say offline as we're now doing weekly group calls, so at least we're keeping in touch.

    Good luck with the writing.

    1. Thanks, Lynn.

      Yes, I'm getting out. I'm going to various places on the River Trent :)

      So far (south-north): Gunthorpe, Hoveringham, Hazelford, Fiskerton, Kelham, North Muskham, Cromwell Lock, Carlton-on-Trent, Sutton-on-Trent, High Marnham, North Clifton, Fledborough, Dunham, Church Laneham, Torksey Lock, Littleborough (formerly Segelocum).

      Studying the local ordnance survey map makes a big difference. Lots of places you wouldn't think to go to – or even know they existed – without a map. Cromwell Lock is really in the back of beyond.

    2. Incidentally, I didn't say, but the river – or at least the normal course of the river – isn't in the last photo at all. That's all flood water :)

  2. Nice dress.

    And photos. The Hazelford Ferry photo particularly appeals, with its clear sense of movement and the light on the water.

    As far as lockdown goes, it's easy to lose discipline and focus when every day is the same. I find it helps to make a timetable, with rewards for following it.

    As for the crime syndicate that's usurped the role of British government, concerned citizens are going to have to unlearn centuries of deference to their rulers and fight back.

    Sue x

    1. Thanks, Sue.

      Re the Hazelford Ferry photo: Someone on Twitter said it “deserves to be an atmospheric black metal album cover”, which made me chuckle :)

      Yes, making lists – or timetables – is often helpful. Especially since crossing things off can be very satisfying.