Monday, 1 June 2020


So how's it been for you?

Me, my life has hardly changed at all. Before lockdown I sat at home at the computer all day. During lockdown I've sat at home at the computer all day. After lockdown, I'll be sitting... where I'm sitting right now.

And I've been feeling as femme as ever. Shopping-wise that has manifested in a few eBay purchases, including another furry coat (ex Dorothy Perkins) and a pair of rainbow trainers (designed by Miley Cyrus no less). Sweet.

I've also been writing a book. And going for early morning walks to see the bunnies. And practising the recorder.

But the main event of lockdown has been watching my pageviews go up.
The current total is down right somewhere. Here's an up here posterity screenshot:

As you'll notice, they're approaching the 200,000 mark. What I'd really like is to see them clock round from 199,999. Watch as all the 9s turn into 0s, as we used to do with the old mechanical mileometers in cars. Small childhood pleasures. Digital technology is no fun.


Oh, and fuck the Tories.


  1. Ah, watching the nines turn over. A simple pleasure.

    Oh and your closing remark? Yes, with an equal love they've shown the disadvantaged. :-P

    1. They are utterly, utterly useless. Five months we've been at this now, 60,000 people dead, and have they got a proper test/track/trace system running yet? Have they bollocks.

  2. Well, here's another view to help you to the 200,000 milestone. It's always good to know that one's words are read, that it makes a difference to someone, that it's worthwhile.

    Truth be told, lockdown hasn't made dramatic differences to my routine either. A sign of the times? Glad to see that you've had a chance to get some nice clothes despite the closures.

    Sue x

    1. Thanks, Sue :)

      Just checking, I see I still haven't made it to 200K. What on earth are people doing in lockdown?!? ;)

  3. pageviews: 200,140 – well, okay then :)