Monday 14 February 2022

Eleven years.

...last Tuesday. That is, since my first post on 7th February 2011. One year I'm going to remember.

Looking back at those early posts – from the first three years, culminating
in Straight Male Femme (published here in 2018) – everything seems so earnest and important. And I suppose it was. I started this very much as a blog about cross-dressing: a big thing in my life that I needed to work through and explain, most of all to myself.


I've not exactly reached the stage that “they're not women's clothes, they're my clothes”, as Eddie Izzard once put it. (Indeed, I'm not sure Eddie is at that stage any longer.) It's still significant to me that everything I buy is off the women's racks. I've still haven't learned – or even tried – to present as femme in clothes from the other side of the store. I never even look at the other side of the store.

Perhaps that's just laziness. It's a lot easier to get stuff off the women's racks. Go out – or, more often, go online – pick up a nice fluffy jumper, or furry coat, or pink jeans, or cute trainers, or...

Um, vest check, gun check, clip one check, clip two check, I'm set.

If anybody ever asks... But they never do.

In any case, a question that concerns me more now is: will I still be around in another eleven years? And if so, where? :/


  1. Hopefully, yes, you'll be still be around. Writing here, writing about chess, and picking up what you fancy from whichever rail you like. Congratulations on the blog anniversary, that's some going to reach that number.

    PS: thanks for the link to the older post. I'm off for read of that.

    1. which you'll see that you've read it before ;)

      Thanks anyway, Lynn xx

    2. Indeed 🙂 Looking at it again, it's interesting to see which bits seem to read differently. Or more accurately, which quotes and phrases create different reactions to the first reading.

    3. For me too. In that I'm not the same as when I wrote it. Or at least I don't see myself in the same way. Or something.

  2. Congratulations on 11 years of blogging. Looking forward to more of your thoughts.

    It's good to hear you relaxed about your clothing choices. Feeling comfortable about our day-to-day appearance and being able to make preferences that are genuinely ours go a long way towards self-acceptance, contentment and tranquillity.

    Sue x

    1. Thanks, Sue.

      I've duly been thinking about the word “comfortable”. I'd actually say I feel good about my clothes. Or that my clothes make me feel good, rather than feel comfortable. Though I feel comfortable about feeling good. Which I guess is what you meant :)