Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fuck Yeah, Trans* Femmes!

As an adjunct to my previous post, I've just come across a call for trans femmes (i.e. anyone who is both trans and femme) to post on a new tumblr blog: Fuck Yeah, Trans* Femmes!a tumblog dedicated to femme expression and/or identity amongst trans* people of all genders.

"Please signal boost," they ask. So:

We want you, gorgeous trans* femmes (or trans* people who do femme) to submit!

Trans* people are often marginalized in femme spaces, and femme is often marginalized in trans* spaces, so this is our attempt to “fill the gap” and showcase femme within the trans* communities. Our aim is to be inclusive of nonbinaries and other underrepresented intersectional identities, as well.

We welcome followers of any gender, trans* status, and presentation! But we’re looking specifically to showcase the intersections of trans* identity and femme presentation among our submitters.

Original source: Call for Submissions.

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