Wednesday, 25 January 2012

male femme on Twitter.

I've now entered the Twitterverse. @malefemme is my (highly original) handle, in case anyone wants to follow me – though I don't really have much to say: 69 tweets in three weeks, and nothing of consequence so far.

It just seemed that things were happening, trans/gender/queer-politics-wise, over there. So I signed up. And it's true, there is a nebulous community of sorts. And ongoing discussions: #transchat , #queerchat , #MNGW and suchlike. And Jasper says he's building a PostGendered Twitterverse, which could be interesting.

Whether I'll stick with it, I don't know. It takes a definite commitment following everything – increasingly so as my Following list builds up (currently 130). But I'll keep going for the time being at least.

See you on the darkside perhaps :)


  1. Are you finding thoughtful discussion on Twitter? It must having something going for it if you like it, I suppose. It sounds ephemeral and reductive to me, though.

    I'm staying in blogland myself (or rather if I go anywhere, it'll be back to pen, paper and books). I hope you'll continue here too, Jonathan.

  2. I'm finding Twitter "odd" more than anything else. It's like eavesdropping at a busy railway station: hearing snatches of conversation in a huge melange of noise, most of which isn't of any interest at all. But, also like a railway station, there's a relentless vitality to it, and I am picking up on a few things as I learn to filter the rest out.

    But no, I won't be leaving blogland. 140 characters (which is all you get per tweet) isn't enough to say anything much. Indeed, trying to fit what you want to say in such a small space is often an interesting conundrum in itself :)