Friday, 28 October 2011

Femme tides.

I'm feeling a real need to up my femme at the moment, by which I (mostly) mean wearing increasingly "girly" clothes. Floaty skirts are coming out of the wardrobe, serious lingerie (as opposed to ordinary knickers) from the bottom of drawers, heels from the back of the cupboard – I'm wearing four-inch stilettos as I write. I don't know why this might be.

It's not the full moon. We're just past the new moon right now (see here), so it can't be that (unless it's butch which waxes with the full). My biorhythms say I'm high on the physical and emotional curves and in an intellectual trough. Astrology tells me that The Sun is in Scorpio, plunging me into the depths of my 12th house, while Wednesday's New Moon coincided with Venus and Mars at apparent right-angles, which could all be significant. Okay, I don't really believe in any of that.

But femme does seem to come in phases – or as tides. This seems to be a spring tide. There's been a recent thread on Angels about "ebb and flow", with talk of balance and imbalance, pendulums swinging, ups and downs, and so forth. All very pertinent and interesting (until it went off-topic and became a clothing advice column). Someone also mentioned stress, which may have more relevance than syzygy: I'm currently in the middle of a big job, the deadline is approaching fast, and I'm absolutely not going to make it. But then I haven't noticed any such surge when I've failed to meet deadlines before. So that's probably not the reason either.

I suppose there doesn't need to be a reason. I just feel more femmey at some times than at other times – and that's simply the way things are. I think I'll go and put on a frock.


  1. There are days when I crave chocolate. It's just the way things are ;-)

    On a less flippant note, I think stress may have something to do with it. But, hey, don't fight it, feel it :-D

  2. Okay, you've rumbled me – all I really wanted to say was that I feel like dressing up more at the moment. I was just trying to make that statement more interesting is all ;)